Filtration of Kerosene and other Petroleum Distillates
Filtration of Waste Waters and Industrial Effluents
Rheological Additive
Poultices for Masonry Restoration


Attapulgite is available as calcined 20/50 mesh granules and also as a finely milled powder.

Technical Background

Attapulgite is a natural magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate clay mineral with approximate empirical formaula:

Highly porous with a low bulk density, attapulgite is an effective absorbent, making the granular version ideal for use in various filtration applications (especially petroleum distillates) and the powder for use as a rheological additive.  It is also used as an absorbent in poultices for masonry restoration.

Attapulgite Granules​​

Attapulgite Granules (20/50 mesh) are calcined (thermally treated) to produce a robust, machanically stable product, suitable for use in demanding filtration applications, in particular the purification of petroleum distillates such as kerosene.  This product is especially suitable for the removal of colour, metals, surfactants and moisture from hydrocarbon products.

Attapulgite Powder​
Attapulgite clay is also available as a finely milled and free flowing powder.  This light cream-coloured product is used as a rheological additive.  It is also used as an absorbent in poultices for masonry restoration.​

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